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Painful Sex

Dyspareunia, or painful sex,  is a condition that causes pain during intercourse, including the period following intercourse. Women who suffer from dyspareunia may also experience pain when tampons are used. Although not a lot is heard about dyspareunia, millions of women experience it, often without realizing it can be successfully treated with a range of simple treatment options.

What are the primary causes of dyspareunia?

A few examples are

  • inflammation or irritation

  • infection

  • injury

  • hormonal fluctuations

  • anatomical defects, like a shallow vagina

  • pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)

  • vaginal muscle spasms (a condition called vaginismus)

  • skin issues that occur in the skin surrounding the vaginal opening

  • uterine prolapse, a condition that occurs when weak pelvic floor muscles allow the uterus to protrude into the vagina

  • medical treatments like chemotherapy or some types of surgery

  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

  • chronic or severe stress

  • psychological issues

  • very large cysts


Dr. Gueye is fully equipped and skilled at finding the root of the pain through a pelvic exam and any necessary procedures that can be performed in the office. Possible treatment options include:

  • hormone replacement therapy to boost or replenish depleted levels of estrogen that can cause vaginal dryness

  • estrogen creams or lotions

  • lubricants to decrease friction and irritation

  • laser treatment to address an array of underlying issues and restore vaginal function

  • Antibiotics

  • Surgery

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