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Thinking about getting pregnant? Many books guide you during and after pregnancy but we don't talk enough about what to do to get ready for pregnancy. The months preceding your positive pregnancy test are crucial for doing the best you can to optimize your outcomes for you and your baby. You will find 65 pages of in-depth guidance for those who want to do everything they can to get their body ready for a healthy pregnancy. This E-book was written by a top OBGYN and board-certified doctor and has been used by 3000+ women already to get ready for a healthy pregnancy. Topics include improving critical medical conditions, medications to stop immediately, weight management, mental health, nutrition and supplement guidance, how to check on your fertility, sperm health, when to stop birth control, how to assemble your delivery team, how to choose the hospital that is right for you and so much more! Use this book as a conversation starter and companion as you see your trusted OBGYN.

The Easy guide to preparing for a healthy pregnancy

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