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Specifically formulated with the neck and décolleté in mind, Neck Rejuvenation Cream is an advanced, hydrating emulsion working to defy time and gravity to restructure, as well as tighten and firm the neck’s delicate skin. This innovative product eectively brightens pigmentation related conditions, while minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. The numerous peptide complexes, that makeup the Neck Rejuvenation Cream, revitalize the skin by strengthening the building blocks responsible for keeping this skin intact. Peptides, found within the Neck Rejuvenation Cream, work ecaciously to stimulate elastin and collagen, improving fine lines and wrinkles, laxity and texture of the skin. Other specialized peptides in this product eectively function as a firming agent to fight against skin sagging, improving resistance to gravity. In addition, a multitude of antioxidants, ranging from Vitamin E and other botanical extracts, protect against free radials and sun damage. Neck Rejuvenation Cream works to increase the mois-ture levels, resulting in smooth, hydrated skin.

VWH Age Reversal Neck Cream

    • Contains a uniquely blended peptide complex that features a “Tretinoin-like” activity that promotes and enhances cellular regeneration without irritation.
    • Repairs and strengthens the fragile dermal-epidermal junction, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin tone
    • Provides an immediate and durable tightening eect
    • Fights against skin sagging and improves resistance to gravity by stimulating elastin synthesis
    • 79% Decrease in the length of deep wrinkles
    • 43% Decrease in the depth of wrinkles
    • 30% Decrease in skin roughness
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