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Achieve Optimal Health and Balance

          Scientific evidence shows that our emotions are "epigenetic," which means that they have the capacity to change chemical processes and functions in our bodies and either create health or disease. Dr. Gueye-Weinstein realized this early in her career and when she decided to offer emotional coaching to her patients alongside traditional medical care, the results confirmed this strong link. 

          Dr. Holda Gueye-Weinstein is the creator of The Matrix of Transformation, a paradigm that demonstrates that when we shift our emotions, beliefs and identifications towards a state that promotes health and wellbeing, we do better not only with achieving health but also peace, happiness and our deepest joy. 

        For several years, Dr. Gueye-Weinstein has offered coaching to patients who were interested in transcending the hold that their stress and emotions had on their lives, and in doing so achieve impressive improvements in their health. 

       Dr. Gueye-Weinstein uses her powerful tool, the matrix of transformation paradigm to deliver amazing energetic shifts by uncovering the trapped emotions and sabotaging beliefs that are underlining our poor health and stressful lives.   

      Finally, Dr. Gueye takes it a step further for those clients on a coaching package who are interested in complete transformation, to develop a strong and unshakeable sense of remembering who they are and why they are here, in order to reach their highest potential by taking them through the I AM Journey for healing. 

Emotional Coaching is available to concierge patients at a discount below*


I AM Journey school + bi-weekly Live group Q&A

12 week program


private coaching (eight 60 minute sessions)+ the I AM 
Journey school

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