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Deep Dermal VI Peel

Remove wrinkles, pigment, and fine lines, brighten skin, shrink pores, clear acne, and tighten skin with a deep painless VI Peel. 


3-6 sessions recommended

Microneedling with BioPelle(R) 

Microneedling can transform problem skin and remove deep acne scars, shrink pores and create even skin. 

2-6 sessions recommended

Laser Hair Removal
8 sessions 

Upper Lip $900

Chin & Jaw line $1500

Chin, jaw & Upper Lip $1700

Neck & Chin $1999

Neck, chin, upper lip  $2500

Sideburns/cheeks $1200

Underarms $1500

Bikini Line $1500

Full Bikini $3500

Full Back $4200

Full Chest $3600

Abdomen $3800

Full legs $3800

1/2 legs (Upper or lower) $2800

Full arms $3200

1/2 arms (upper or lower) $2600

PCOS/ HIRSUTISM facial laser hair removal of the chin, upper lip, jaw line (8 sessions) with pigment and bump removal and 2 deep dermal peels $2930

Single Aerolase NeosKin session

Without Prior package $695

After prior package $350

Package of (3) Returning -$1,020

Package of (3) New - $2,020

Microdermabrasion facial with VI Derm Deep Peel

Achieve a smooth, even texture, improve hyperpigmentation, shrink pores, clear acne 

Single session $715

Package of 3- $1823

TCA Cross

Rebuild collagen in deep pitted post-acne scars and resurface the skin for a smooth glow. 

7-10 days downtime (scabbing, no pain)

RF Micro-needling with BioPelle(R) 

This popular celebrity favorite targets:

Benefits include:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Increased collagen and elastin production

  • Minimizes scars from acne

  • Fades stretch marks

  • Improves tone and texture

  • Safe and FDA approved

  • Short treatment time with no downtime

  • Quick and long-lasting outcomes

Single Session $900

Package of 3 $2,400

Medical Grade Facials

Acne Clearance

Clear persistent acne and reveal healthy glowing smooth skin 

Rejuvenating Youth 

Improve collagen production, skin firmness and erase fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance

Bright and Even 

For stubborn texture, hyperpigmentation and dull skin 

I bring many years
of experience
to the table and I offer
a comfortable, relaxing 
with amazing results. 

NeoSkin Laser Packages of 3 

Aerolase NeoSkin Laser with Microneedling with BioPelle(R)  Growth factor serum - 3 sessions $2800

Aerolase NeoSkin Laser with deep dermal peel - 3 sessions $2800

Aerolase NeoSkin with Microdermabrasion - 3 sessions $2800 

Body Treatment

Laser Decollete (Neck and upper chest) $2800

3 sessions

Abdominal Cellulite $3100

3 laser session with microneedling and Growth factor 

Thigh or Hip Cellulite $3300

3 laser session with micro-needling and Growth factor 

VI Body Peel 

Small $500

Medium $800

Large $999

Large Body Area NeoSkin Laser Package of 3 $3100

Medium Body Area Neoskin Laser Package of 3 $2600

Small Body Area Neoskin Laser Package of 3 $1900

Intensive Melasma Removal $3900 (3 sessions)


Aerolase Neoskin 

Fine microneedling 

Deep dermal Peel 

Vein Therapy- single session


Repeat as needed after 4 weeks


Brighten Mask $75

Acne Mask $75

Light Therapy (30 minutes) $60

Dermaplanning spot treatment $45

Dermaplanning entire face $80

Plasma Rich Platelets (blood draw) PRP $450

Single Aerolase NeoSkin session

After prior package $350

Without prior package $695

Skin Tag removal/Wart removal 

1-3 lesions $399

3-5 lesions $699

6+ lesions $799

Ready to Transform?
Book your Medical Spa Skin Consultation with the Doctor 

$150 fee will be applied to your booked service if this is purchased on the same day of your consultation. 


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