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Medical Spa

Are you looking to enhance your beauty without looking like an artificial Barbie doll? Our medical spa was designed specifically to be safe for all skin types allowing us to give you natural, beautiful results in a way that is always safe and relaxing!

Evening and Saturday Appointments are NOW available *

NeoSkin Laser Facial

A revolutionary technology that will transform your skin and achieve the results you have always been looking for. Great for skin tightening, scars, acne, wrinkles, cellulite, and more. Get a skin consultation and see if this pain-free laser, with NO downtime, is right for you!

3-6 sessions recommended

$695 per session

After any prior laser package single session is $350

A Package of 3 Neoskin Laser facials $2199

receive $100 off for repeat package purchase*

Neoskin Laser followed by Deep Peel 

$1075 single session

$2800 for a package of 3

Neoskin Laser followed by Microdermabrasion

$1020 single session

$2800 for a package of 3


Microdermabrasion facial

Achieve a smooth, even texture, improve hyperpigmentation, shrink pores, clear acne 

Microdermabrasion facial $390

Microdermabrasion facial followed by deep dermal peel for enhanced results (get $55 off your peel)

Package of 3 $1823 (get $487 off)


Microneedling with growth serum 

Microneedling can transform problem skin and remove deep acne scars, shrink pores and create even skin. 

2-6 sessions recommended

Microneedling facial with growth serum by Biopelle $380

Aerolase NeosKin Laser facial followed by micro-needling for skin remodeling and scar removal

single session $1075

Package of 3 sessions $2800


Additional single sessions for laser and micro needling after this are $699


Radiofrequency Microneedling facial with growth serum

This popular celebrity favorite targets:

Benefits include:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Increased collagen and elastin production

  • Minimizes scars from acne

  • Fades stretch marks

  • Improves tone and texture

  • Safe and FDA approved

  • Short treatment time with no downtime

  • Quick and long-lasting outcomes

Single Session $900

Package of 3 $2,400


Deep VI chemical Peels

Remove wrinkles, pigment, and fine lines, brighten skin, shrink pores, clear acne, and tighten skin with a deep painless VI Peel. 

3-6 sessions recommended

$380 per session

Get 10% off when purchasing 3 sessions or more


Laser Hair Removal/Reduction (8 sessions)

Upper Lip $900

Chin & Jawline $1500

Chin, jaw & Upper Lip $1700

Neck & Chin $1999

Neck only (front and back) $1900

Neck (front only) $1700

Neck, chin, upper lip  $2500

Sideburns/cheeks $1200

Underarms $1500

Bikini Line $1500

Full Bikini $3500

Full Back $4200

Full Chest $3600

Abdomen $3800

Full legs $3800

1/2 legs (Upper or lower) $2800

Full arms $3200

1/2 arms (upper or lower) $2600

Purchase an additional package of 3 sessions at 70% off the full package price for life*

Add a peel to any facial hair or underarms package for dark spot removal for 10% off the cost of the peel


Medical Grade Facials $275

Acne Clearance

Clear persistent acne and reveal healthy glowing smooth skin 

Rejuvenating Youth 

Improve collagen production, and skin firmness and erase fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance

Bright and Even 

For stubborn texture, hyperpigmentation, and dull skin 


Body Treatments

Laser Decollete (Neck and upper chest) $2800

3 sessions

Abdominal Cellulite $3100

3 laser session with micro-needling and Growth factor 

Thigh or Hip Cellulite $3300

3 laser session with micro-needling and Growth factor 

VI Body Peel (by body surface area*)

Small $500

Medium $800

Large $999

NeoSkin Body Laser Package of 3

Large $3100

Medium $2600

Small $1900

Body Sculpting coming soon*



Light Therapy (30 minutes) $60

Professional Dermaplanning spot treatment $45

Professional Dermaplanning entire face $80

Plasma Rich Platelets (blood draw and application) PRP $450

We can't wait to enhance your natural beauty

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