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The Visionary Difference

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Experience Women's Health like never before

At Visionary Women's Health, you will feel seen, heard, and cared for. We make sure that our waiting room is always calm and never full. Our staff are chosen for their healthcare experience and their warmth and your experience from arrival to leaving is focused on your comfort both physically and mentally. We value respecting a woman's body and crafting a therapeutic environment where healing can be facilitated. 

A therapeutic clinic environment

We believe that healthcare facilities should promote healing rather than increase fear and anxiety. We intentionally create a calming environment with aromatherapy, gentle music, and a kind, caring staff.


After Hour Urgent Televisits

Have an urgent problem that isn't life-threatening but just can't wait until the morning such as bladder infection, abnormal bleeding, or pain? Or maybe you're just not sure if you should go to the emergency room or come into the office? Simply send us a message at the shared number and a provider will reach out to you with a secure video link. 



Experts in Gynecology so you don't compete with pregnant women for time and attention

Prevent chronic disease and deliver health today

You can access personalized nutrition, exercise, stress and sleep management, hormone balance, weight management, cancer risk assessment, and more .Discover how to heal sabotaging emotions and implement lifestyle changes that feel good to you. 

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Weight Loss Program

Access a detailed nutrition plan and weight loss medication, if eligible, and permanently shed any extra pounds. We discuss the emotional reasons why we resist lifestyle changes and create a nutrition and exercise plan that actulaly workd with your schedule. 

Intimate Wash

All new patients receive 20% off their first bottle. Just ask for yours at your first visit! A best seller that is sure to elevate your vaginal routine!


No or little wait time

At our clinic, we prioritize our patients' comfort and convenience. We never overbook and always allow flexibility in our schedule to ensure that our patients never feel rushed or crowded. Additionally, we make it easy for our patients to schedule appointments quickly when needed.

Exfoliation Treatment

Medical Spa 

You don't have to be a patient member to use our MedicalSpa, but concierge members receive 20% off all medical spa services so you can look and feel your best. Ask about our menu of aesthethic service. 

Hormone Management

Most gynecologists were not trained to look at or interpret your hormones yet many of our problems as women can be traced back to this. We have hundreds of case studies that attest to the life-changing transformation we can achieve when we do this as well as expert evidence-based guidance. In addition, all concierge patients receive 20% off our pellet therapy if they are a candidate.  

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Same day or next day appointments

for concierge members and quick scheduling within 2 weeks for all patients!

Safe In-office Procedures that save you time 


We bring many gyn procedures traditionally only performed in the hospital here in our office using safe, comfortable instruments and protocols. We work with a network of expert surgeons who can address specialized needs using only the latest technology and evidence based medicine. 

Concierge Care: As little as $84/mo* 

  • See Dr. Gueye exclusively

  • After-hour urgent texting

  • same-day or next-business-day scheduling for problem visits 

  • Calming clinic environment with aromatherapy

  • Private access e-mail

  • Comprehensive yearly health report to meet your health goals including recommendations for nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and more (Tier 2 Members*)

  • 20% off Medical Spa and Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • 30% off our famous Intimate Wash when purchased in office

*Insurance-covered visits are billed through your in-network carrier, concierge services are billed as a one-time yearly fee of $999 or $1900 based on the chosen plan (payment plans available)

Traditional Care 

  • Little to no wait time 

  • Responsive providers during business hours

  • Calming clinic environment with aromatherapy, sound therapy and more

  • see Advanced Nurse Practioner for routine visits

  • See Dr. Gueye for complex problems or certain in-office procedures

We are in the network with most carriers. Please call us to verify. You may also ask about our low self-pay rates

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Several ways to reach us anytime

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