The Visionary Difference

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A different clinic experience

A calming and therapeutic environment with aromatherapy, gentle music, and kind, caring staff.


A unique membership model

Beginning in the summer of 2022, we will be offering a unique model that allows us to deliver better care that goes beyond the model allowed by insurance. For a small yearly fee, patients are members of the clinic and the total patient panel size is limited every year. Insurance still applies. This allows providers to be easily accessible to all via text, after-hour urgent tele-visits, and non rushed same day or next day appointments when needed. Members receive additional benefits aimed at achieving their ultimate wellbeing. 


Top Doctor and Board Certified OBGYN

At our practice, we believe everyone should have the doctor’s cell phone. Direct access to the doctor 24/7 via patient portal during business hours and cell phone during after-hours.

After Hour Urgent Televisits

Have an urgent problem that isn't life-threatening but just can't wait until the morning such as bladder infection, abnormal bleeding, or pain? Or maybe you're just not sure if you should go to the emergency room or come into the office? Request a tele-visit and avoid the long urgent care wait for immediate guidance.  

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Weight Loss Program

Members receive 20% off our medically supervised weight loss program. Participants lose an average of 19 pounds in 4 weeks. Nutrition and exercise are individualized and includes modification of the psychological determinants of obesity. Our goal is to shed your pounds for good and create a sustainable and healthy result. 

Intimate Wash

Members receive a 30% discount off our OBGYN formulated intimate wash all year round, designed to prevent infections, irritation, and odor. It's a best seller!


No or short wait with an additional member lounge for social distancing and relaxation

Exfoliation Treatment

Medical Spa 

Members receive 20% off all medical spa services for savings you can't find anywhere else and results that will have everyone talking. Most importantly, you will look and feel your best. 

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Same day or next day appointments

We find that having to wait weeks to see your doctor is simply poor medical care. By limiting our panel, we can give all members the attention they deserve and need. 


Safe In office Procedures that save you time 

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