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The United States ranks the worst in health among high-income nations in the world yet spends the most money on healthcare. The CDC reports that 6 in 10 Americans are currently living with a chronic disease and 4 in 10 of them have more than 2 chronic illnesses. Our health is declining along with our lifespan and we believe the root cause is our overall healthcare system model.

Did you know?

  •  Our current insurance-driven model forces doctors to see 20-30 patients a day, depending on their specialty, just to be able to pay the overhead costs that allow them to stay open and take care of you. This means, most doctors cannot spend the time necessary to get to know you, listen, diagnose, treat, and explain the treatment, and plan despite the fact that most would love to have more time. 

  • Doctors are trained to categorize symptoms and exam findings into a disease, then treat those symptoms, rather than get to the root cause of the problem and reverse it. Let's take a basic, easy-to-follow example: You have a vaginal yeast infection so your doctor gives you a prescription to treat it. You may have a few more throughout the year and simply get more prescriptions to clear the infections. At Visionary Women's Health, in addition to treating the active infection, we also address the root cause of the vaginal imbalance, which means 90% of women will stop having several infections a year after only one visit.  

  • Our health care system is focused on waiting for disease to unfold to treat it, rather than discussing the necessary changes you can implement today so that you never develop a chronic condition. 

  • Doctors are difficult to reach and most people have to resort to urgent care or the emergency room for non-lifethreathning problems because they cannot see their doctor at that time. 

  • Treatment centers, specifically gynecology centers, are high-stress, anxiety-prone spaces where women fear painful exams and procedures, or not being heard. 

Visionary Women's Health fills all of these gaps. 

 No rush care - When You Need It

Skip the lines and receive same-day or next-day appointments. Enjoy after-hour access to doctors to get your questions and concerns addressed. We make your health a priority and are always here to help guide and assist. We never overbook the schedule so that we can make sure that we spend ample time to fully review your problem and not only address the treatment plan, but also get to the root cause. 

Weight Loss Support 

Struggling with weight? Many of us do as women and that's because permanent weight loss isn't about fixing the number on the scale but healing your relationship with your body and with food. Excess weight is not only a symptom of an imbalance in your life but is also at the root of many diseases as proven by evidence-based medicine. Jumpstart your weight loss journey with one free month of our medically supervised weight loss program where we find out the best approach for your body and metabolism through labs and take a deep dive into your mindset. This proven program provides personalized nutrition and exercises instructions so you can consistently progress toward your goals ($850 value).  

Personalized Medicine and Prevention

Our yearly wellness questionnaires and tests are designed to help us create a personalized nutrition, exercise, sleep management, stress management, sexual health, and hormone balancing plan that will get you feeling and looking your best while preventing long-term illness down the road. 

Therapeutic Environment

Addressing your health and wellness should make you feel better, not provide anxiety and stress! We create a safe, caring, and positive environment using decor, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and most importantly, caring people, to make you feel safe and heard. 

Save Big Now And Later 

Comprehensive care saves you time and money. The currently fragmented model of care means you need multiple appointments with several professionals to receive sub-optimal and uncoordinated recommendations. We deliver wellness coaching, personalized exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management as well as sexual health in one place. Using your labs, questionnaires and exams, we craft a plan that will reverse problems and prevent new ones. Your recommendations are generated by a board certified physician and you no longer need to worry if a new health recommendation is medically sound or right for you. We follow your progress and response, using health technology where necessary, modifying any aspect of your wellness plan as needed for optimal results. Sound health and premier healthcare are priceless, but you receive much more than that at Visionary Women's Health. We spend thousands on unnecessary supplements, weight loss programs, personal training, short-term challenges, urgent care visits, prescriptions, hospitalizations, and more, only to receive temporary results and feel just like we did when we started, if not worse. Our yearly concierge fee cannot be beaten when compared to others and will save you thousands of dollars throughout the year by reducing unnecessary costs by keeping you healthy now. 

The Visionary Difference - Affordable Concierge Membership 


 Take Control Of Your Health - Take Control Of Your Life 


Customized care helps you maximize your health, wellness, and well-being

Elevate your healthcare experience with a stress free environment

A safe place where you will always be seen, heard and your body respected

A year round attention on your nutrition, exercise, stress management,

sleep management and hormone 


A yearly exam with comprehensive lab testing and ultrasound

to catch problems early and prevent chronic disease

24/7 urgent access to providers

Same day or next day problem visit scheduling 

Get Started Today 

Enrollment is now open for January 1st, 2024, and is first come first serve (the patient panel is capped in order to deliver superior care to members).

The early bird rate of $750 has ended

Welcome to your best experience of health!

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Patient Reviews

"A diagnostic mystery of 10 years was solved after only a few visits with Dr. Gueye-Weinstein. I wish I found this place sooner!"

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