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Wellness Services

*Included in the paid membership for all patients beginning January 1st 2023. We believe that concierge medicine isn't just for older patients with several chronic diseases that need to be managed. Our concierge services are designed to prevent chronic diseases altogether for a long life of feeling your best. Our approach to medicine is holistic, compassionate, and proven. That's the Visionary way. 

Corporate Wellness: Our wellness membership is the ultimate corporate wellness package merging disease prevention and management through our medical services. Contact us to receive generous group discounts at

Nutrition Recommendations

We design a personalized recommendation based on your lifestyle, assessment, testing, and health goals. 

Exercise Recommendations

All exercise does not have the same results for everyone. We design a personalized exercise routine and recommendation based on your assessment, testing, and health goals. 

Stress Management

Without stress management, true health and longevity are not possible. In the same way that we know from research that stress can cause disease, managing stress can heal and prevent illness. We offer access to an extensive library of stress management tools with coaching throughout the year. 

Sleep Management

Restful sleep is a central part of health and without it, we can experience a breakdown in all organs and systems of the body. We design an effective plan for restful sleep using your assessment results. 

Hormone balance

Few medical doctors understand how to test let alone manage female hormones yet our hormones can drastically affect how we feel, our immune system, sexual function, energy, and more. Our providers are trained to identify and correct issues as they arise. 


Receive health, life, or spiritual coaching based on your personal needs whenever you need it throughout the year through 30-minute sessions. All patients will receive regular health coaching calls throughout the year to ensure that you stay on track with the health recommendations and goals. 

Supervised Weight Loss

The diet mentality never produces long-term changes. We understand that weight isn't just a number on the scale but a mindset buried in emotional trauma. We target the mind alongside a medical weight loss for rapid life long change you can sustain. 

Annual Wellness Tracker

Your annual wellness exam is not limited to catching early disease but preventing them through innovative testing that gives us insight on imbalances before they become serious problems. 

Want to forego the Gyn visits and take advantage of our health coaching plan generated by a board-certified physician? Click below to purchase the Remote Health Coaching package

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